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Forensic Accounting

Veriti’s professionals apply their specialized forensic accounting skills to assist individuals, businesses, government entities, and tribal governments in tracing the flow of money and assets. Veriti Consulting’s professionals have decades of experience and are licensed as both CPAs and credentialed forensic accountants.  The combination of these skills results in the ability to provide focused analyses in complex financial matters in an effective and efficient manner.  Click here to learn more about our forensic accounting services.

Fraud Investigation

Veriti’s managing directors and professional staff have extensive experience assisting clients who suspect fraudulent financial activities. Veriti is also a licensed private investigation agency. Using advanced investigation techniques, Veriti assists its clients with tracing suspicious transactions, performing asset searches and background checks, interviewing potential suspects, and compiling evidence admissible in  a court setting. Click here to continue reading about our fraud investigation services.

Economic Damages

The professionals at Veriti are experienced and qualified to provide consulting or expert witness services in cases under litigation or mediation involving economic damages, including commercial damages, lost profits, personal injury, wrongful death or termination, breach of contract, business interruption, shareholder disputes and insurance claim determinations.  Learn more about Veriti’s economic damages services.

Business Valuation

The members of the Veriti team hold all major business valuation credentials recognized in the industry, and have completed hundreds of business valuations for clients located across the U.S., and internationally.  Our trained and credentialed professionals have experience working in a broad range of industries on valuations for all types of businesses, including professional practices, retail establishments, and casino and gaming operations. Continue reading about our business valuation services.

Life Insurance Policy Valuation

Life insurance policy valuation is a highly specialized skill that few accounting firms are qualified to offer. As a qualified appraiser, Veriti Consulting is one of few U.S. firms capable of providing fair market values for life insurance policies.  The valuations performed are typically performed for taxable situations, or financial reporting matters.  Learn the factors considered when valuing a life insurance policy.

Casino and Gaming Consulting

Veriti’s experienced consulting staff has assisted gaming clients with an array of services throughout the U.S., as well as online casino operations.  The wide range of services provided to gaming entities include business valuation services for nationally recognized casinos, including ones located on the Las Vegas strip and privately owned gaming enterprises, MIC/TICS analysis, investigation of suspicious financial activities, assessment of financial performance of tribal enterprises and investments, and other advisory services For more information on Veriti’s casino and gaming consulting, visit our gaming and casino consulting services page.

Tribal Government Consulting

Tribal governments have unique forensic accounting and financial assessment needs. Having worked with tribal governments throughout the U.S., Veriti has an exclusive understanding of tribal operations and offers a comprehensive suite of management consulting services based on our knowledge and experience in this arena. Veriti can assist tribal governments with specialized tasks such as feasibility analysis, investigation of possible fraud and embezzlement, review of taxing authority’s assessments, and overall profitability analysis. Visit our tribal government consulting page to learn more.

Receivership Services

Veriti’s professionals have years of experience  of assisting financially distressed companies and school districts.  We have served as court-appointed receivers, bankruptcy examiners, and special masters for companies being liquidated, restructured, or in transition.  Veriti’s receivership services can help ensure continuity of operations and safeguard assets during litigation or mediation.  Learn more about Veriti’s receivership services.

Elder Financial Abuse

Many senior citizens unfortunately become victims of financial crimes, and often times they are committed by family members who have gained unauthorized access to the victim’s financial information, or others who have scammed a vulnerable adult. Veriti’s professionals have worked on numerous high profile cases involving the financial exploitation of the elderly, including tracing funds between bank accounts and overseas, diversion or misappropriation of assets, embezzlement, and investigation of the perpetrators. Learn more about Veriti’s elder financial abuse services.

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