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Receivership Services By Veriti Consulting

recievership services A receivership is appointed to either liquidate assets or oversee the interests of shareholders, analyze the operations, and protect the value of the business.  Most receivers are court-appointed and act under the specific direction of the court.  Many receiverships help businesses avoid bankruptcy or ease management transitions. Veriti Consulting has experience acting as a court-appointed receiver, bankruptcy examiner, and special master for various matters involving:

  • Analysis of Debtor Reported Assets
  • Business Turnarounds and Restructuring
  • Ensuring continuity of operations
  • Liquidation Proceedings
  • Oversight of Financials and Personnel
  • Public School Districts
  • Reaching Resolution in Disputes and Litigation
  • Safeguarding of Assets
  • Securing and Managing Business Assets and Affairs
  • Settlement Mediation

Veriti Consulting has been appointed as receivers, examiners and special masters for a variety of businesses and school districts and have assisted owners in obtaining more efficient and profitable operations. Contact Veriti Consulting by phone at 855.232.4410 or by email for more information on our receivership services.   

Receivership Services and Court Appointed Receiver FAQs

1) How is a receiver appointed? 

In most cases, the parties’ attorneys collectively decide on a receiver and make a recommendation to the court to have that person appointed.

2) What is the difference between a receiver and a special master?

Generally speaking, a receiver has the authorities stipulated by the court, which may include broad authority and discretion over the operations of the entity.  A receiver’s scope can also be limited, depending upon the order from the court.  The receivership process can last from a few months to years.  A special master is typically given an assigned task that is limited in scope, and once that task is completed, the special master appointment ends.

3) When is an examiner necessary? 

An examiner is generally appointed by a bankruptcy trustee or judge in more complex bankruptcy matters to trace assets, analyze business operations, and advise the court of any suspicious transactions.

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